Asian hack is one of the biggest hackathon competitions in Nepal. Twenty different IT and engineering colleges are participating in the 2nd season. Asianhack is organized by Asian School of Management and Technology with different sponsors. Asian hack with hashtag #asianhack is started in 2018 and 2019 is the 2nd nationwide inter-college hackathon competition.

What is Hackathon ?

Hackathon is an event to drive innovation and solutions to address real-life corporate problems. A hackathon is a time-bound competitive event where participants collaborate with each other to build proofs of concept, show teamwork and minimum viable products for a specific pre-defined problem or to innovate.

What’s more in this AsianHack?

Asian Hack is a hackathon with additional exhibitions and entertainment. In asianhack, we will be exhibiting the College Projects, Robotics Projects, Games and Stalls. Lots of visitors will be attracted to these exhibitions and a perfect place to advertise yourself. In addition, we will be printing additional swags(stickers), T-Shirts.

Winner Prize: Rs. 40,000

First Runner Up Prize: Rs. 20,000

Second Runner Up Prize: Rs. 10,000

Best Futuristic Model: Rs. 5,000

Best Presentation: Rs. 5,000

Exhibitions and Stalls

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