Python is not a simple programming language it has sophisticated programming logic and development support. Best Libraries of Python Language! You must be used, We can use python as web development, network programming, game development and many more.

In this article, we discussed how python helps to develop different types of development of real-world problems.

Web Development

Web development is the development of web programming interacting with HTML and CSS. Django and flask is two most popular libraries of python for web development.

  • Flask documentation here
  • Django Documentation here
Game development

Python is also used in game development. 2D 3D game development in python make easy by different libraries.

  • Cocos2d – cocos2d is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on pyglet.
  • Panda3D – 3D game engine developed by Disney and maintained by Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. Written in C++, completely wrapped in Python.
  • Pygame – Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games.
Web Scraping

Web Scraping is a process of retrieving information from websites. Some times we need the information of another site used to fulfill our development requirements. Web scraping is not illegal but needs to take a permission by the owner of the site, which is used to scrap. Some of the scarping libraries of python listed below.


Python is provides the math module to easily calculated math during programming. Mathematics is a building block of artificial intelligence development.

Data Visualization

Visualization is an important thing in machine learning and business decision. It gives visualize the formation of data to make a business prediction and managerial decision. Matplotlib is one of the widely used visualization library in python.


In the today’s banking system has a different threat from a hacker and a different computer virus. Blockchain is a decentralized data storage and verification technique. In python, we easily develop a blockchain program.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a widely used programming concept in which machines are able to predict future things by analyzing data from the past. It is rapidly growing at the corporate level as well as in the government sector. some of the libraries of machine learning in python listed below.


Socket Programming is networking programming. Networking is the real-time interaction of client and server. In socket programming, we can simulate client and server communication.

These are Best Libraries of Python Language! You must be used.

How many libraries do you use during development? Comment below:-

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