Machine Learning is a crucial technology for developing digital things. In the current technological era, 10M+ peoples are directly involved in the technical field, they are directly or indirectly type some code for developing a website, software or mobile application. Today, technological needs are changed, people want to interact with the gadgets. Peoples wants machine learn itself and helps in daily life.But teach to machine is not a easy this it needs a lot of data, powerful computation energy and lots of code. Today, I am going to discuss how can we learn machine learning for free in youtube. Below listed some Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020.

3 brown 1 blue

Machine learning is not only about code but also the computation theory, statistics, mathematics, and optimization.3 brown 1 blue is youtube chanel having a commanding voice with animation. Mathematics need for machine learning is discussed in this channel.

Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020 3 brown 1 blue
Artificial Intelligence – All in One by Andrew Ng

Andrew ng is one of the Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020. A professor of Stanford university. He is directly involve in different machine learning research. His teaching style and simplicity make his better machine learning teacher. He explain every aspect of machine learning on this channel. Basic to advance course of machine learning make we easier to understand. Stanford research and newly invented technology discuss in this chanel by Andrew Ng. This channel mainly concern about research oriented machine learning.

Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020 Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng

Sentdex is an outstanding machine learning programmer. His channel is full of machine learning videos. He is not only talks about AI in software but also in hardware. How, our gadget makes intelligence. Robotics AI is also.

Sentdex make a video on different library of machine learning(NLTK,TF,Pytorch). His teaching style make him better than other.

Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020 Sentdex
Google Cloud Platform

This is official channel of machine learning by google. In this channel machine learning expert are ready to teach you about machine learning. Both research-oriented and program-oriented are discussed in this channel. TensorFlow, PyTorch and another important library of machine learning are prioritized by Google cloud platform.

Best youtube channel for Machine Learning in 2020 Google Cloud
Google cloud platform

Hence, there are full of resources in this channel to learn machine learning in 2020.

Some other channels:

  1. Siraj Raval
  2. edureka! 
  3. Simplilearn
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