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Laravel is a web application framework to develop delightful websites. Laravel has its own web development ecosystem. Laravel Developer in Nepal is one of the prominent jobs in recent years. Laravel is a well-accepted web development framework than other (Codeigniter, WordPress). In Nepal, most of the companies are working on Laravel. Some of the features of laravel make it popular.

  • Easy installation
  • Cross-platform support
  • Active GitHub community
  • Easy deploy

As a Laravel developer in Nepal I found most of the company switched the working ecosystem towards laravel. It also has a great community on docker-hub. Having significant CI/DI features makes it more popular than others.

How I work on Laravel:

Most of the time I have been working on API development and react as a frontend. Resource (API package) in Laravel helps to develop API very easy and special.

There is laravel development workflow.

  • Installation with composer
  • Routing
  • Controller
  • Response
  • Database 
  • Model 
  • View
  • Laravel Form & HTML Component
  • Laravel Component
  • Laravel Architectural Concept
  • Laravel Package Development

The above mentioned are core components of Laravel. 

How I work to complete a web development project with Laravel.

  1. UI/UX Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD) 
  2. Frontend Development (Technologies used as per client requirements) 
  3. Backend Development (Technologies used as per client requirements) 
  4. Testing (Different testing approach basis on website and design technology) 
  5. Training

We will perform the work as described in each phase of the project below.

Research Stage: 

In this process, we organize short meetings with clients via. Skype, Google meet or in offices premises. We discussed on following:

  1. Research on the target market 
  2. Set a strategy to accomplish your goals 
  3. Finalize design and development plan for the job portal website
  4. Determining the full and final in-depth scope of the project

Planning Stage: 

In this process, we gathered full requirement collection, budget estimation and provide full documentation of the project. We discussed on following: 

  1. Determine main goals of user pathways. 
  2. Determine the website flow 
  3. Detailed requirement collection 
  4. Budget estimation 
  5. Finalize website data flow 
  6. Prepare wire-frames

UI/UX Design: 

UI/UX is a detailed design of the project. We provide a detailed design component of the project. adobe photoshop, AdobeXD 

  1. Finalize the graphical theme of the website and web application (colors, general look, and feel, etc.) 
  2. Finalize layout and structure design 
  3. Create all graphical elements

Front End Development:

 In Front end development is made UI/UX as code version. We provide different frontend technology based on client requirements. 

  1. Web pages coding 
  2. Integration of latest front end technologies to enhance UX 
  3. Integration of different components of the project. 

The frontend design is according to UI/UX.

Back End Development: 

Back technology is the implementation of requirements into programming logic.

  1. Database Design 
  2. Logic Implementation
  3. Administration programming
  4. Complete content management system. 
  5. SEO-friendly development.

Quality Assurance: 

Testing In this phase we test the project on a different approach. Stress testing, data flow testing, etc.

  1. Testing to ensure no errors in code and the application is generally bug-free 
  2. Crosscheck the requirement and development. 
  3. Make the change with instant requirements.

Final Release and Deployment: 

Finally, we release the overall project and deploy it on a live server. Provide necessary information and access credentials about the project to the client. 

Laravel Developer of Nepal

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