Sentiment Analysis is the process of opinion mining of user, customer, and reader. Sentiment analysis is part of Machine Learning in which machines able to classify new data according to trained data and model. Be part of Natural Language Processing Sentiment Analysis is widely popular in different fields. Customer reviews analysis in eCommerce, comment analysis in social media and political sentiment analysis in news articles, these are the important field of sentiment analysis.

In this article, I provided the Nepali data set especially for NLP enthusiasts who want to work in the Nepali Language. I have collected this data set from different social media pages and news portal comments.  This fine and labeled data ready to use in your model.

Labeled Information

  • 1 for positive
  • 0 for negative
  • 2 for neutral


“यस्तै पोष्ट देखेपछि दिमाग तातिन्छ”, 0

“जन्म दीनको लाखौ करोडौ सुभकामना”, 1

“खुलेयाम घुमी रहेका छन”, 2

The file we provide below is in CSV (Comma Separated Value) having almost 3000 different sentiments of different users. We hope this is helping to contribute to Machine Learning in Nepal.

Are you ready to work with NLP?


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