how technology affect society in 2020 ?

This is time to discuss technology for society, Is this good or bad for our society. Can people are using different technical advancement as per his/her requirement?

Internet Affect

The Internet is the crucial technology of the Information era, as the electrical engine was the vector of the technological transformation of the Industrial Age. This global network of computer networks, largely based nowadays on platforms of wireless communication, provides ubiquitous capacity of multimodal, interactive communication in the chosen time, transcending space. Nowadays technology has become like a piece of human life. We are always sticking around these parts of technology. As it is a vital need of our life it has a lot of divisive effects in our society, for instance, helping to save a life of humans to kill themselves. I’m going to utterly explain the effects of the internet below. 

Firstly, there is a highly divisive issue whether the internet help students to study or distract indeed. This is a very fair skepticism. In my opinion innovations such as videos, computers, and the Internet too often distracts students from “real” learning in the classroom.  in my observation and experience, computers and videos are misused most often for education when teachers rely on them as surrogates or baby-sitters. Teachers must use the time during which students are watching videos or are at their computer stations productively–helping other students, preparing lesson plans, and so forth. Otherwise, these tools can indeed impede the learning process. 

In contrast, the internet is helping those who really want to learn and passionate to learn new things like programming, engineering, sharing the knowledge of each other in forums. We could learn whatever we want besides there are trillions of sources available on the internet. For this moment take an example of a renowned person, Elon Musk–CEO of SpaceX, he is a very good example of self-learner. He studied space science on his own, using various books and with the help of internet sources. 

Secondly, the effect is indescribable in just a few words, it not limited to those learners and teachers, furthermore, it affects the sight of a different generation in our society. For instance, our parents, newly born baby are also being a victim of consequences. Baby becomes very obsessed with video games and aggression. If we just them ask not to use much, they disobey. As far as I can say, there are more negative results of the internet than positive.

Affect of current Technology

Machine Learning / Artificial intelligence is another technological advancement that helps society in one way and makes public distancing on the other hand. The large scale of manpower is replaced by such an intelligence machine in an industrial area.

In summary, these are my points of view on how the internet affecting our society, thinking under certain circumstances however there are still lots to learn about the internet. And I’m not accused internet to make society polluted. There is still a significant area to talk about where the internet makes our life beautiful.

Technology is really worth using?

This article is contributed by Sunil Timilsina

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  1. Krishna Acharya

    Technology really impact on society. we need to control our technological advancement

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