Top AI Company In Nepal

In this article top AI(Artificial Intelligence) company in Nepal. There is some IT company which work for AI development. Currently, there are so many companies out there working on AI development and research.

The world is concentrated on technology and technology prioritizes the AI. AI can solve the problem with it’s won intelligence. In society, economy, business all are interested in AI to implement on a daily basis. On the other hand to fulfill the requirement different AI companies and research centers work for it.

In this article, we discussed some of them in Nepal. The listed company is no any particular order.

Treeleaf Technology

Top AI Company In Nepal
Treeleaf Technologies

Treeleaf is an AI development and research center located in Chakupat Lalitpur. It work on different AI projects related to NLP(Natural Language Processing) and CV(Computer Vision).

AI + IOT = treeleaf

Treeleaf also works on project localization i.e AI on Nepal different product are converted into Nepali to work on Nepali industries.

Works on

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer Vision
  • Big Data Analysis
  • IOT (Internet of Things)

Mailing Address:-


Top AI Company In Nepal

The Fusemachines is nepal’s fast growing AI development center and AI institution located in Kamalpokhari Kathmandu. Fusemachines has large number of developers and mainly working on outsourcing. Fusemachine conduct different classes for studen and workshop on different city of country.

Fusemachine works on two things:

  • AI Talent solution

Identify and address of AI needs

  • AI education solution

AI education program for students and business

mailing address:-


Top AI Company In Nepal

The Deerwalk is prescriptive analytical company mainly focused on health care. Research on different health related solutions using data and AI. It says “Peak Performing Health Analytics Solutions Built on a Foundation of data Integrity

It is not only a software company it is also an educational institution. Deerwalk generates manpower by its won. It is one of the top AI company in Nepal.

Deerwalk works for:

  • Plan Analytics and Reporting
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Medicare Reference Pricing
  • Data Warehousing
  • Care management
  • Utilization Management
  • Outcome Measurement

Phone: +977-1-4485429

Mpercept Technology

Top AI Company In Nepal
mpercept technology

The Mpercept Technology is AI development company as well as software development company located in kupandol Kathmandu Nepal. Mpercept is branch office of mpercept London. Working on different AI research and Big data.


  • AI & ML system development
  • Web Application Development
  • Automation system & Development for ICT
  • IT training and Development Program

Alphateds Technology

Top AI Company In Nepal
Alphateds Technology

Alphateds Technology is a company of Nepal established at 2018 by an enthusiast college student. Currently,alphateds provides different AI related solution to the industries. As a machine Learning Engineer I am working in that company.

Works on:

  • NLP
  • Computer Vision
  • Recommendation System
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Business Intelligence

In conclusion

The above-listed companies are best on its won. The main propose of the ing is to know the foreign and local clients about these companies.

Top AI Company In Nepal

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