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Thank you, everyone, who is participating in a virtual workshop on python. Also, thank you for providing platform to join such a big community. In the session, we discussed core/basic python and it’s application. Python is very much flexible programming language. We can do almost anything with python (web, desktop, AI, network programming). Some of the participants are interested in machine learning and data science development. In these articles, you can find out different resources and roadmap for python development.

Resources of today’s session.

Virtual workshop on Python is successfully conducted by group of student having strong collaboration. Here is some resources!

Data science, AI and Machine Learning Kickstarter Guide


Python  [ Pycharm]

AI Environment Setup

Anaconda – Python

Computer Vision

OpenCV OpenCV

ML/DL Libraries
ML/DL Libraries for other languages
Awesome Github

Python Guidelines! click here

Are you already use those libraries?

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  1. Sarita acharya

    Thank s aidev for useful resources

  2. Bishow Tamrakar

    Yes i used opencv already

  3. Aachal regmi

    Than you sir for resources

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