Web developer in Nepal is one of the satisfying job. There are lots of IT company out there Alphateds Pvt. Ltd., Vine Software Innovation Pvt. Ltd. are some of them. Especially in Nepal web developer are working as full time monthly based approach. Different platform are used to develop web but in recent years CMS are quite popular. WordPress, Wix, Blogpost and PHP(Laravel) are exclusively use.

I am started my journey of web developer since 2015 when I started my bachelor degree. Firstly, I used to understand basic architecture of web and HTTP, HTTPS and then go for real coding. How I differentiate my web development journey.


As other programmer I have start my web expedition with basic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Basic understanding of theses are enough for further explorer.


Javascript is scripting language mostly used in Nepal for frontend development. In Nepal JS library Reactjs is importantly used in most of the. Personally I am also used React as a Web Developer in Nepal.

I especially preferred three library of JS

  • React JS
  • Vue JS
  • Angular JS

PHP (WordPress, Laravel)

Only frontend development not make perfect web developer. We need to know about dynamic design of web, how to http & https protocols are manipulate data. In Nepal PHP is most used programming and it is cost effective than other. I personally used Laravel and wordpress as backend development. I also work on API (Application Programming Interface) to communicate two different program.

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